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In August of 2000, I was blessed by receiving words from God to be written in either song, or poem, form.  It began with Up On Calvary and has continued some 50 plus songs/poems later with Jesus Is Bad, written earlier this month.  In between those two songs, I have been given words relating to life, mine and others, which I will share with you on this page, thoughout the year.  Some of these songs/poems have music and some do not.  Some have been recorded and if possible to place those on this page, I will do so.  In the meantime, please enjoy what God has given and please feel free to express your thoughts.

His Hand Is There



Steve Merka

                                                                                                Copyright© 2000


The love of Christ is unconditional,

My trust in Him, should be the same.

For when I slip or fall from grace,

His hand is there to lift me up.


I’ve seen his face, in full aglow,

I’ve touched the scar within his side

And though I fail in many ways,

His hand is there to lift me up.


Forgiveness is forever there

Although my sin is everywhere;

I am so weak, but He is strong,

His hand is there to lift me up.


And so I sing his praise up high,

To glorify His name to all,

My friend who came to rescue me,

His hand is there to lift me up.




This poem was the result of what God would allow me to write, when I tried to write a more secular song, after watching a show on CMT.  It just shows to prove that He has a plan and will not always allow you to chose for yourself to change that.

The Greatest Cowboy



Steve Merka

                                                                        Copyright© 2001


He cinches the girth,

For all that it’s worth;

He’ll be in that saddle,

For the rest of the day.


Riding through the brush,

The sounds all but hush;

As He searches for yet another,

Left there all alone.


Alone, by Himself, once again,

He’s ridden against the wind;

Through the hot and the cold,

In the sun and the night.


He won’t give up, not this time,

No matter how far He’ll have to climb;

Before reaching that lost,

And final stray.


And when he finally sees His goal,

Another lost and damaged soul;

He’ll reach down and grab the crying lost,

And take him home to be with Him.























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