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Questions and Answers
Question:  What paperwork will I need to transport my horse?
Answer:  If your horse is being transported within one State, you will need a current negative Coggins Test, dated within 6 or 12 months, depending on the State.  If you are transporting your horse acrosss State lines, you will need a current negative Coggins Test, as above, and a Veterinary Health Certificate, dated within 30 days of transport.

Question:  What about hay for my horse during it's trip?
Answer:  You will be required to supply enough hay for your horse(s) during the trip, either supplying it yourself, or we can furnish hay, for extra cost.

Is a deposit required for transportation?
Answer:  All first time customers are required to pay a deposit before a trip is booked.  Repeat customers will not be required to make a deposit, unless they wish to do so.

Is my deposit refundable, should I need to cancel my trip?
Deposits are non-refundable.  This is because booked trips are usually part of a larger schedule of trips and transportation rates are based on all trips included in that schedule.  Dropping one trip from the schedule will cause an expense, not calculated in that schedule of trips.

How often do you stop during a trip?
Depending upon the weather, normal stops are between 150 and 200 miles.  At each stop, horses are checked on, haybags are refilled, water is offered and excess manure removed from the stall.

Will I be contacted during the trip, with updates?
We contact our customers, depending upon their location, at pickup and an hour prior to delivery.  We are available 24/7 via cell phone, text, email and twitter.  We are just not able to call each customer during the trips, however, we have no problem with you contacting us.

How much experience do you have with transporting horses?
We have been transporting horses for other since 1983.  We have transported to all 48 Continental United States and Canada.  Our travel partners have been, as small as, mini-horse weanlings and, as large as, Percheron/Draft.  We treat our customers' horse, as we would our own.

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